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Five office design tips to increase productivity

Your business is constantly growing, but does your office reflect the right image you want to portray? Whether you’re looking for office design tips to motivate your employees and increase productivity or simply want expert help on designing your office, we have you covered. We know everything there is to know when it comes to office design tips to increase productivity. So sit back and relax while we share some tips on how to increase productivity in your workplace through office design.

An improved office means increased work standards

From choosing the right office chairs for comfort and posture to ensuring that the flooring is suitable for your office, you will need to take a number of things into consideration. One of the most important aspects of your office will be the desks and chairs in which your employees work on, so it’s vital that you nail this part. Choose from a selection of desks and chairs to ensure that you will get 100% satisfaction from your employees. It’s not always that the most expensive chair is the best fit, but the ones you choose provide the right level of back support and comfort. You want to be sure that your office is furnished to the best possible standard for your employees, then you can be confident in knowing that you have the ultimate office space.

1. A clean office is a clean thinking space

Just like having a clear head is having a clear mind, the same goes with your office. Having everywhere cleaned and in order will not only help to prevent common illnesses but it increases work productivity. We’ve all been there and witnessed an office that’s gotten a little carried away without having the usual clean up, but this is a horrible routine to fall under. Instead, schedule a regular time each day or so to have a tidy up and keep everywhere clean and tidy. This will not only help with improving work productivity and employee well-being, but it will keep your workspace in check should any unexpected visitors show up.

2. Ensure you’ve got the room to breathe, and relax!

One of the best ways to improve your office design is to clear away clutter. Depending on the type of office you work in can vary on the types of clutter you can expect to find. Either way, it’s important that you keep unnecessary clutter at bay and only leave the essentials on display. If needed, invest in storage as this will allow you to store away anything that you must keep but doesn’t need to be out each day. Not only that, but it will keep each desk or workplace looking clean and tidy, which will actually increase work standards alone by not having as many distractions or things in the way.

3. Invest in good quality furniture

When it comes to designing your office, it goes without saying that the office furniture is an important aspect. From our choice of  desks and chairs to partition screens and lockers you will be able to design an office that is suitable specifically for you and your requirements. No matter your requirements, give us a call and we’ll happily give our opinion and a free quote.

4. Prioritise the new layout, and gather feedback from your staff

Getting the right balance of office space for your employees can be harder than it looks. Too large of a space can become an easy distraction and too small of a space will create a crammed workspace which can become difficult to work in. Before you purchase furniture for your office design or refurbishment, take into consideration the layout of your office as this will ensure that you get the best ergonomic results for your new office space. Take into account the amount of usable empty space remaining between items – with normal everyday thoroughfare.  An architect can help you plan out the best way to use the space in your office.

5. Make the most of lighting

One of the best ways to improve your office space is to make the most of lighting. Natural lighting is always best, as it will allow you to bring light into the office throughout the day without it resulting in eye strain or discoloured lighting. We suggest that you opt for blinds in the office and open them during the daytime and close them before leaving. This way, you will have beautiful lighting in all day long and it can dilute the strength of office lighting too.

Tip: Natural lighting is a great way to increase workplace productivity as it will allow your employees to see the outside world without it being a huge distraction. Typically working a 9-5 job in the Summer will result in missing out on a lot of the sun time and in the Winter you go to work and come home in the dark, so opening the blinds to let in the light can actually be a hugely, positive step forward for your business and your employees.

Try it for yourself!

Do you feel like you’re ready to give our office design tips a go? Then go ahead! Try these out for yourself and see if they help with increasing your office productivity. They should all work hand in hand to better your workplace standards throughout your company. Even the smallest changes can go a huge way in improving the type of office your employees work in.

If you want to find out more about your employees thoughts and opinions then why not try sending a confidential questionnaire? Ask for recommendations on how they would change the office or what would benefit their day to day workload. Being realistic of course, this should also help you to firstly understand your employees needs and then being able to make them happen if you believe they’ll be beneficial. Doing questionnaires on a regular basis will allow your employees to feel valued within the business and that alone can make a huge improvement in productivity if they can see that they’re making a difference within the company. From this, you will be able to see their suggestions and see what’s achievable and what works, then you will feel the benefits by having better work ethic and enthusiasm to work but your employees will enjoy coming to work that little bit more!

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